CT Open House Day, Museum Magic

Thanks to the generosity of Bristol's Mayor Ken Cockyne, the City of Bristol is offering "Museum Magic" for

Connecticut Open House Day on Saturday, June 10th.  There will be FREE admission to six of the City's Museums. 

Participating are The American Clock and Watch Museum, The Barnes Nature Center, Imagine Nation, A Museum

Early Learning Center, Memorial Military Museum, The Bristol Historical Society, and The New England Carousel



In celebration of the Bristol Museums, we hope to bring in many visitors from far and wide to our City to visit the

participating museums and also hope that Bristol comes out to see what the City has to offer.  This is an opportunity to bring the entire family to experience the Magic of the Museums in your own community.


The Museum Magic event has been created by the Bristol's Museum Director's Collaborative working together to bring exceptional programming, at affordable prices, to the Greater Bristol community.



American Clock & Watch Museum

10 Maple St.

The Magic of Clockmaking


Join us at the American Clock & Watch Museum on 100 Maple Street in Bristol on June 10th from 10-5 for The Magic of Clockmaking! in celebration of Bristol’s Museum Magic and Connecticut’s Open House Day.


Watch as some talented clock repairers work on different types of clock movements and learn just what it is that makes clocks tick! In the Barnes Wing, make clock and watch crafts as you listen to the chiming and striking of our grandfather clocks! Step out into our Sundial Garden and play some “Minute to Win It” style games!


While you’re here, take a selfie with the World’s Largest Kit-Cat Clock! At over 6-feet tall from head to wagging tail, Kit-Cat is the purr-fect example of how clocks can bring back magical childhood memories. 


For more information about our free day of activities and events, visit clockandwatchmuseum.org.


Bristol Historical Society

98 Summer St.

The Magic of the Past


A new display is opening at Bristol's Historical Society - A General Store.  Travel the time period from 1860 to 1960.  Remember the past on how we remember things, to now see how they really were.  Were things really better in the past..............you can decide.  Look at what our parents and our grandparents had to work with compared to what we have today!.  Do you know what some of these items are, and better yet what they were used for? Tour guides will be available to answer your questions.  This General Store also complements our already existing Industries in Bristol Exhibit.  See both of them and compare the magic of the past that was once in Bristol.


Also, the Research Library has been revamped.  The Rockwell Table is now in the BHS Library.  It was once the Rockwell's Board Room Table.  If that "Table could only talk" - that truly would be magic.  Our records tell us some of the things that happened there but we need to remember that the table was there.  BHS is also the original home of the Rams as it’s the City of Bristol's first high school building, now home to the Bristol Historical Society.  The building was built in 1890.  It is the oldest municipal building still open and accessible to the public.




Barnes Nature Center

175 Shrub Rd

The Magic of Nature


Join the staff and volunteers of the Environmental Learning Centers of Connecticut at the Harry C. Barnes Memorial Nature Center on 175 Shrub Road, Bristol on June 10th from 11-3 for The Magic of Nature! in celebration of Bristol’s Museum Magic and Connecticut’s Open House Day.


The event will feature live animals, crafts activities and nature walks ongoing throughout the day.  Nature is full of “magical” qualities.  Did you know that an owl can fly silently through the air, that hawks can see a mouse from up to a mile away and that many animals can become “invisible” and blend right in to their surroundings?  Come to Barnes Nature Center on June 10 from 11-3 to learn more about the Magic of Nature!


This event is free thanks to the generous support of the City of Bristol.




Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center

One Pleasant St

The Magic of Light


Join us on Saturday, June 10th as Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center located at One Pleasant Street in Bristol celebrates Bristol's Museum Magic and Connecticut Open House Day, 9:30am-5:00pm. We will be highlighting the Wonders Of Light with the magic of light, color, and reflection.  Free admission for the first 100 guests; generously sponsored by the City of Bristol.  For further information visit www.imaginenation.org. (860) 314-1400.




Memorial Military Museum

98 Summer St.

The Magic of Time Travel


Travel to Bristol and France as it was 100 years ago and experience “OVER HERE, OVER THERE: Bristol in World War I.” Visitors to the new exhibit in The Jack Denehy Gallery will explore the ways Bristol responded at home and abroad to The Great War. Letters, postcards, telegrams, photographs, uniforms and weapons tell the personal stories of men as if they were still present. 


A special display and activities will introduce children to two real animal heroes: Cher Ami, a carrier pigeon that saved “The Lost Battalion,” and a Connecticut bull terrier dog, Sgt. Stubby, who to this day is the most decorated canine in United States military history. Children and adults will discover how the fantasies of a comic strip beagle named Snoopy can make us smile and also learn historic details about WWI.


Enjoy free coffee and donuts at a World War I canteen as served by the “Donut Girls” in Salvation Army canteens in France.


Uncle Sam Wants You: To visit the Memorial Military Museum, June 10, 2017, 10 am-4 pm.  Free Admission.   Activities: Memorial Military Museum Gallery: Scavenger Hunt for Children and Young Adults, “Meet” WWI Lyman Michaels through display of his artifacts and as told by his son,  WWII veteran, Walter Michaels, Guided tours of the WWI gallery exhibit


For more information, contact Carol Denehy, 860-583-5466.



The New England Carousel Museum

95 Riverside Ave

Let the Magic Touch the Child in You

A visit to the New England Carousel Museum promises to put a smile on your face with a magical experience for both children and adults.  Located at 95 Riverside Avenue, Bristol, CT the Museum is offering free admission and free carousel rides for CT Open House Day on Saturday, June 10th from 10 am to 5 pm.  Come take a ride on our working carousel and watch our artist restore the beauty of carousel art.  Tours of the Museum are available all day long or just wander on your own.  Crafts for children will be available.   On CT Open House Day submit your name to our drawing and win a one-year family membership to the New England Carousel Museum and the historic Bushnell Park Carousel.  This event is free thanks to the City of Bristol.  For more information, call 850 585-5411 or www.thecarouselmuseum.org.