Cost: $5.00 per child, per class. 

$15.00 total for 3 week sessions

$20.00 for 4 week sessions


Parent Drop off time: 9:45 am-10:00, Parent pick up time: 11:30-11:45. Parents and guardians must sign in at time of drop off and show photo ID upon pickup. Upon registration, please include names of people authorized to pick up your child. 


Two Class Sections: 

Ages 5-8: Every Monday in September, October, November and December 10:00-11:3

Ages 8-12: Every Tuesday in September, October, November and December 10:00-11:30 


All art classes will emphasize the Elements and Principles of Art.



Ages 5-8 Class Schedule:



Ages 5 to 8  (3 weeks)     Sept.9, 16, 23   2019       10:00-11:30   

Children will use burlap to create a simple loom. Fun yarns and fabric tapes will be explored for weft materials. Different techniques, simple stitchery and decorative patterns will be introduced.



Ages 5 to 8  (4 weeks)     Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28, 2019   10:00-11:30  


Children will learn about still life in art. Seasonal objects will be arranged into an attractive still life for children to sketch and then paint using tempera paints. Sketching, composition, and paint mixing and techniques will be introduced.



Ages 5 to 8  (4 weeks)        Nov.4, 11, 18, 25, 2019   10:00-11:30 

Using mirrors and proportion guidelines students will create individual self- portraits. Emphasis will be on composition and correct proportion, but children will have the choice to give their self-portraits a theme or they can make their self- portraits realistic. Paint, colored pencils, yarn, collage materials and construction paper will be offered to student artists.



Ages 5 to 8    (4 weeks)        Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23 2019    10:00-11:30  

Children will learn about 3-d art. Weeks one and two will be creating paper sculptures using paper techniques; rolling, twisting, cutting and bending paper. Students will create fun 3-d “amusement park –scapes” with assorted papers. Weeks three and four will explore self -drying clay sculptures that will be painted and decorated.


Ages 8-12 Class Schedule:



Ages 8 to 12   (4 weeks)       Sept.10, 17, 24, Oct.1    10:00-11:30    

Students will string their own looms on big pieces of cardboard and will learn how  to weave stripes, boxes, fringes and other fun techniques. An assortment of colorful yarns, including thick roving yarn and textured yarns will be available to choose from. Students will learn how to remove their weavings from their loom.



Ages 8 to 12   (4 weeks)        Oct.8, 15, 22, 29         10:00-11:30  

Students will learn about still life in art. Seasonal objects will be arranged into an attractive still life for students to sketch and paint. Acrylic paint and canvases will be used. Sketching, composition and paint mixing will be introduced.



Ages 8 to 12     Nov.5, 12, 19, 26       10:00 -11:30  

Students will use mirrors and proportion guidelines to create an imaginative self portrait. We will look at the portraits of an Italian artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who included fun, humorous and unexpected objects in his work .His work looked very different when viewed straight up and then upside down.  A variety of materials and art media will be available for students to use.



Ages 8 to 12       Dec. 3, 10, 17, Jan. 7      10:00-11:30    

Students will learn about 3-D art. They will choose an animal to make using a simple armature of newspaper and cardboard and then paper mache over it. Paint and fun decorative materials will be used to complete their masterpiece!

Home-school Art Studio Programs


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