HVAC Keep It Cool

The New England Carousel Museum has been raising funds for its second floor HVAC system for the past 6 years. To date we have raised $225,000 for this project. With an awarding of a Good to Great Grant by the State of CT Department of Economic Development for $150,000 earlier this year, we have put this project out to bid and find ourselves $75,000 short of our lowest proposed bid. We now have 90 days to make up the difference or run the risk of starting again from the beginning.

We need your help for this HVAC project and help us close this gap and bring The New England Carousel Museum from Good to GREAT! Our home is a gateway to the city of Bristol. A refurbished industrial building on Riverside Avenue in Bristol built in 1875 that is excruciatingly hot in the summer months for our collection, staff, and visitors. Without the completion of this HVAC project the Museum is prohibited from maximizing its full potential for the tourist, summer camp, and wedding seasons. When this HVAC project is complete, The New England Carousel Museum will be a prime venue for learning and special events within the City of Bristol and Central Connecticut.