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Identification and Insurance Estimated Valuation

The New England Carousel Museum's Subject Specialist and Collection committee members are always available to help our visitors who own a Carousel item discover what they have! For a small fee of $25 our staff will use your information and photos to give you an identification of your item. Photos must be of good quality and in profile view of the Romance Side of the Animal (the side with more caving and detail, as seen at right)


Please fill in the form below and upload photos. Once we receive payment our staff will get right to work. Please note this is NOT AN APPRAISAL. This will not give you a value of your object. We can give you an estimated valuation of your object for insurance purposes only.


YES, full profile view of animal's romance side

Lake Compounce Stander 2.jpg

NO, 3/4 view or fancy angles. Just the facts!

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