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Donna Woolcott

Master Painter

Donna Woolcott's journey through the world of equestrian arts and carousel restoration is a tale of passion, skill, and dedication. Her career, a beautiful blend of working with real horses and capturing their essence in art, has seen her excel both as a professional show rider and an artist. Having competed at the National level in the US and Canada, her expertise and love for horses are beyond question.
Donna's artistic journey began over 35 years ago with a focus on animal portraits, particularly capturing the spirit and grace of horses. Her favorite non-carousel art to paint, these portraits reflect her deep connection with these majestic animals. In 1988, she embarked on a path that would define her legacy, apprenticing in carousel restoration at The Museum. This formative experience under the guidance of seasoned masters shaped her skills and set the stage for a remarkable career in this unique art form.
After years of honing her craft, Donna ventured independently, leaving her mark on numerous carousel animals with her exquisite painting. Her return to The Carousel Museum two years ago, initially in the woodworking shop, culminated in her recent acceptance of the position as a master painter. This role is not just a job but a testament to her exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to the art of carousel restoration.
Today, many of Donna's masterfully finished pieces are proudly displayed at The Carousel Museum, showcasing her artistic prowess and deep understanding of carousel aesthetics. Additionally, she is the proud caretaker of four carousel horses, each bearing the imprint of her artistic touch.
Visitors to The Museum are invited to a unique challenge – to discover which carousel animals have been brought to life by Donna's skilled hands. It's an opportunity to appreciate the blend of artistry and craftsmanship that defines her work, and to witness how her passion for real horses translates into the timeless beauty of carousel art.

Donna Woolcott
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