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Children FREE Admission

Free Admission for Kids and Creative Exploration at The Carousel Museum’s Tinker Workshop

The Carousel Museum is delighted to announce a new initiative for 2024: free general admission for all children aged 12 and under! This exciting opportunity is made possible by the generous support of the Barnes Foundation, enabling us to share our enchanting world of carousels with more families.

In addition to exploring our extensive carousel collection, we invite our young guests to experience the Tinker Workshop – a hub of creativity and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning. This dynamic space is equipped with art supplies, Legos, books, a puppet play area, costumes, a stage, and even a children’s carousel. The Tinker Workshop is designed to spark curiosity and inspire learning through hands-on activities and interactive play.

We believe that combining free access to the museum with the immersive experiences in the Tinker Workshop will provide an unforgettable educational adventure for children. It's a place where learning is fun, engaging, and driven by a spirit of discovery.

Join us at The Carousel Museum in 2024 for this wonderful journey of wonder, creativity, and learning. For more details about our offerings and the Tinker Workshop.

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