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Virtual Tours

The New England Carousel Museum and Museum of Fire History are pleased to offer a variety of Tours online through ZOOM! Select one of the themes below and our Program Coordinator, Kristen Berggren and/or Subject Specialist Cate Mahoney will guide you virtually through our 33,000 square foot facility. Ask questions and participate and all guests will receive a BOGO promo code to visit us in the future! 

ZOOM virtual tours cost

  • $50 for a 45 minute tour, plus a question and answer chat.

  • $100 for virtual tour with the Restoration Department staff.

  • Receive a ZOOM meeting ID upon confirmation of your reservation.

  • No limit to your ZOOM tour attendees.

  • Receive a link of the recorded tour to share or post.

  • BOGO admission ticket Promo Code for anyone who wants to visit the Museum in person following your virtual tour!

Perfect for Library Programs, virtual student field trips, civic organizations, or book clubs!

Virtual Tour Options:

Kristen Berggren.jpg
Subject Specialist, Cate Mahoney

Introduction to Carousels:

An overview of the evolution of the carousel from 17th century Europe to the modern day.

Learn about how carousel animals are constructed as well as the different styles of

carving, and how this art has evolved over time.

Carousel Carvers: An American Immigrant Success Story:

Did you know that most Golden Age carousel artists immigrated from abroad?  Get an in-depth look at the lives of some of the most well-known immigrant carvers and factory owners and the obstacles they overcame in order to achieve the American Dream. Through examples of their work we hope to instill an appreciation not only of their contributions to the amusement industry but to the fabric of American life.

Jewish Carousel Carvers: From Torah Scrolls to Coney Island:

This tour focuses on the Coney Island style of carving and the Jewish immigrants who were the masterminds behind it. Before they became involved in the amusement industry, carvers Marcus Illions, Solomon Stein, Harry Goldstein and Charles Carmel made decalogues and Torah Arks adorned with fierce lions and wild eagles for European synagogues. The same flamboyance that made congregations take notice translated well into carousel art. Through examples at our museum, witness how simple but charming wooden horses transformed into incredibly lifelike wild steeds after these gentlemen took up residence at Coney Island at the turn of the 20th century.


Children’s Tour: Discovering Animals, Lines, Shapes and Colors:

An interactive tour designed especially for young learners. Through techniques developed by Harvard’s Project Zero your children or students will appreciate the formal and sensory qualities of some of our carousel animals by studying their lines, shapes and colors.

The Museum of Fire History:

Discover a fascinating array of fire-fighting and fire house signaling equipment and memorabilia dating from the late 18th to the mid 20th century. Let our guide teach your group how these tools and techniques saved lives every day! The Museum of Fire History is made possible by the generous donation by Carlyle "Hap" Barnes in 2002 and is supported by the Barnes Foundation.


Behind the Scenes of the Restoration Department:

Our mission is to preserve antique wooden carousels of which only about 200 remain. Our goal is to keep them running for future generations. Get an in-depth look with one of our carousel artists at this unique, time-tested restoration process and learn how we use 19th century techniques to protect these historic treasures. (Please note: this tour will require additional time and an additional fee applies).

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