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INK: The History and Ritual of Tattoo & Body Art 

August 19, 2017 - March 2018


Opening Reception :

Saturday, August 19th 6 - 9 PM

VIP Opening reception 5 - 6 PM


Explore the history of how tattoos, tattooing & body art has gone from sub-culture to pop culture. Tattoos & body art are traditions that have been a part of human culture since its earliest days. Whether it is for ceremonial reasons, cultural traditions, personal significance, or aesthetic expression people have found various ways to adorn their bodies in meaningful ways.


Do you have an interesting tattoo?

Want to be a part of the exhibition?


Here is your chance to show off your tattoos and tattoo stories.  We are looking for individuals for 60 minute time slots to showcase their tattoos to the public and have dialogues about their INK.  This unique experience is open to all who are interested.  Don't miss your chance to be a part of the exhibition - sign up today.


Must be "family friendly" tattoos and body locations.  No nudity please.   


Sign up for LIVING INK!

Thank you to our INK SPONSORS:

Tommy's Supply/Starbrite Colors/Tommy's Tattoo Convention

Andrew Morrow

Dan Morin, Immortal Ink Tattoo

Laura Usowski, Lovecraft Tattoo, LLC

Duck Unitas, Excalibur Tattoo

Jared, Tattootales   

Chad Lockhart, Hartford County Tattoo

Jo Rapisarda, Vanity Rites Tattoo & Body Art

Michelle & William Ortiz, Visual Expressions, LLC.

Dana Carvey

Joanne & John Chamberlain

Sarah Mitchell

Darren & AnnMarie Fippinger

Cathy Duck

Dennis & Patti Fippinger

John & Shelby Rondeau

Jack Harrington

Constance Chamberlain  

Brian Hill

Meghan Sloan

Cassandra LaVoie

James and Denise Albert

Louise DeMars

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